“Our philosophy is built on the belief that great event
experiences should seamlessly integrate a company’s
brand philosophy, image and culture.”

BE is a boutique event production firm based in Vancouver, BC that focuses on creating customized programs for 3 to 4 preferred clients annually. With over 30 years of experience and award-winning results, we’ve been around the globe and know what it takes to consistently deliver world class experiences. We specialize in bringing together the best creative, logistics and production talent in the industry to deliver the most innovative and exciting programs for our clients.

We believe events should create memorable experiences that touch people and relate back to the emotional values of their brand. They should build trust, inspire the audience and ensure brand loyalty. At BE, there is a conscious effort to create programs that are not only meaningful at the time and place designated, but have enduring and measurable educational and motivational value well after the physical or virtual event is over.


Throughout the years, our clients have tasked us with creating the right program with the right message for their most important events of the year.  These events are critical to their company’s development and brand strategy.  We believe that each event and every detail within these events must be produced to award-winning caliber each and every time, no exception.  Our expertise is in building these perfect event experiences that resonate with our client’s audience for years to come.  We single-mindedly focus on one thing: creating a positive emotional connection between the audience and brand through the event experience.